News technology developed to motorise warehouse trolleys

A new type of machinery has been developed to motorise warehouse trolleys.

Warehouse owners are looking to improve the efficiency of their operations. One area they consider is using motorised machinery instead of manual handling equipment. Warehouses invest large amounts of money in purchasing warehouse trolleys, meaning replacing all of them with motorised vehicles would be an expensive process.

QHDC, an Australian supplier of manual handling equipment, has found a solution to this issue. Its Smart:Drive is a power drive system that securely goes underneath a manual handling trolley to convert it into a motorised unit. A platform linked to the device allows a worker to ride on the unit, or it can be remote controlled and workers can walk beside it. This system makes manual handling trolleys more flexible. For short journeys to pick items off shelves, trolleys can be pulled or pushed by workers as usual. For longer journeys, the Smart:Drive can be hitched to the trolley to make it into a motorised one.

Roy Mann from QHDC says:

“The Smart:Drive really bridges the gap between manual processes and full automation, leading to efficient and safer picking and packing.

“Having the capability to move a 200kg load but not have to put a physical strain on the worker has increased productivity, reduced risk and reduced operational costs.”

Provided that warehouse trolleys manufacturers produce trolleys compatible with the Smart:Drive, warehouses can keep their existing trolleys for use with the Smart:Drive.

The Smart:Drive is currently available in Australia and not in the UK.

Posted by Mark
11th March 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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