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Packing benches – the heart of the packing station

A packing station is the area where orders are packed ready for dispatch. The packing bench is an essential element of the station.

People ordering online expect their orders to be dispatched promptly and ideally want them delivered by the next day after ordering. The two processes that need to be lean and efficient to make this happen are picking and packing.

The packing bench is the workspace where orders are packed. An efficient bench has all the packing equipment to hand. Shelves on or near packing benches should be easily reached by hand without the packer needing to stretch too far. Paper, boxes, tape machines and labellers need to be handy to make the packing operation efficient. A stand for a laptop may be needed to enter dispatch times.

In busy warehouses, packing benches get plenty of use, with many light and heavy orders packed every hour, so it is recommended to use packing benches made from tubular steel with a strong wooden top. It also helps to have a bottom shelf for extra storage space. Attention needs to be paid to the height of the bench, as it should to be at the right height for packers. Standard packing benches will be fine for most workers, but if operators are particularly short or tall, a packing table made to a custom height is needed. British-based manufacturers can easily make equipment in custom sizes at little extra cost.

Sometimes items arrive at packing stations with damage, and often, even a small scratch means that the order should not be dispatched. An area for rejected items needs to be available, perhaps on the bottom shelf of the packing bench.

Creating the perfect packing station is not easy, but it starts with choosing the best packing benches.

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