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Preventing warehouse inventory loss

Warehouse operators often face the issue of missing items. Alex Schwitz, a director at Red Stag Fulfilment, has identified how this occurs and what can be done to address it.

While theft is sometimes a factor, many missing items are simply in the wrong location within the warehouse. A simple mistake such as placing an item on the incorrect storage trolley or misplacing it at the packing station can result in its classification as lost inventory.

The solution, often, is to ensure that all items within the warehouse, including tools, parts and saleable goods, carry barcodes. Upon arrival at the warehouse facility, each item should be assigned a barcode and subsequently scanned for location tracking purposes. When an item is picked from storage, it must be scanned again; upon arriving at the packing station, another scan should occur to confirm that both scans match up. While this process may require additional time investment initially, it will ultimately prevent loss of valuable inventory.

In instances where workers are rushed or hurriedly performing tasks without proper attention paid to detail, items may easily become misplaced or dropped unnoticed from picking trolleys. Items can fall from hastily packed forklifts or trolleys driven too quickly or carelessly. Staff training can help prevent these errors by emphasizing careful handling practices. Reduce time pressures so that workers can more effectively meet their targets without sacrificing accuracy and precision.

Alex Schwitz encourages warehouse managers who have successfully tacked the missing item issue to share their insights with their partners in the supply chain.

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