How to reduce packaging waste and help the environment

Going ‘green’ can not only help the environment but also can have a positive impact on productivity and performance. With landfill levels a major concern for environmentalists, eco-friendly industries are becoming more important in today’s society.

A company’s green credentials are often an important consideration for potential customers. Reducing the amount of packaging a distribution centre uses is a good first step towards sustainability, and a great way to save money too.

Optimise the space needed in packing boxes by rethinking how products are packed. This can not only reduce the amount of packing materials needed, but also reduce the weight, which can have a knock on effect for transportation costs. Take a good look at packaging design and switch to custom-sized boxes if possible as this can help you save space. Using the most suitable loose fill material, and the right quantity, can save on both costs and the environment.

Where internal transportation of goods is necessary, for example from volume packing benches to shipping bays, packaging can be protected with stretch film, cutting down on damage to packaging and extra re-packaging costs.

Training is important too, with staff more likely to respond positively and responsibly with a clear understanding of the procedures and processes involved in waste management. Rewarding eco-friendly initiatives and suggestions is a great way to get the message across and could save you money in the long run.

In today’s competitive market place, businesses that show a pro-active commitment to environmental policies and go the extra mile may have the edge over competitors that don’t, as consumers become more and more aware of green issues.

Posted by Mark
2nd March 2018
Retail & Warehousing

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