Reducing energy consumption with an automated lighting system

Big savings can be made with an automated lighting system that uses LED lighting alongside the latest in wireless communications. Installation and maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum, and with wireless technology, disruptions to production are avoided. It is believed that between

60-95 percent can be saved depending on how the technology is applied, and the technology can be applied in almost every business, from industrial and commercial to healthcare, education and hospitality. Easy to install, using simple software and with full controllability, these are just some of the advantages of wireless LED lighting systems.

A wireless system allows full control of lighting networks without the need for costly and disruptive hardwired systems. It can be applied to any size of operation and easily up-scaled as a business grows. Controlled via web interface, whether this is an Android app or computer installed software, lighting networks can be optimised with ‘drag and drop’ tools, creating simple layouts that can be adapted to an uploaded floor plan. The latest software can monitor systems, highlighting areas that need maintenance, perform routine system tests, enhance or reduce lighting with activity sensors between, for example, warehouse garment rails or sofa display racks. All without the need for a maintenance team to visit the site.

In today’s competitive market it is always prudent to explore ways to save costs, and as well as reducing your carbon footprint there are several government initiatives, such as the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund, which offer incentives for energy saving practices.

Posted by Katrina
26th June 2018

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