Report encourages making best use of warehouse space

A report published this month by Colliers has highlighted that Britain is running out of warehouse space. If extra warehouse capacity cannot be found, it is vital for warehouse owners to make the best use of existing warehouse space.

Though many new warehouses were built in 2021, at the beginning of this year, there was only 18.1 million square feet of warehouse space available, and 75% of that space has been let or is under offer. Much of the demand for space is fuelled by the rise of eCommerce during the pandemic, when many people shopped from home instead of going to shops.

In many warehouses, time is wasted locating goods and inaccurately picking order items. According to James Birman, Deputy Editor of the website SHD Logistics, better use of storage space can be achieved by using warehouse management systems that track goods and use real-time data to utilise space better.

It is also important to have quality equipment and shelving from a reliable warehouse equipment manufacturer. Easily moveable and steerable heavy duty picking trolleys, combined with warehouse management software, can increase the productivity of a warehouse. Aisles can be narrowed to fit more shelving rows, with narrow picking trolleys making it easy to work in more restricted spaces.

Birman says that now is not the time to panic about inadequate warehouse capacity. An understanding is needed of how to use automated systems to improve the efficiency and productivity of the warehouse.

Posted by Derek
24th January 2022
Retail & Warehousing

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