Report predicts surge in demand for glass handling equipment

A new report by QYR Research has predicted a surge in demand for glass handling equipment such as A-frames.

The reason for this expected upward movement is the increasing adoption of glazing in new buildings and the need for energy efficiency. The report analyses the glass handling equipment and tools market, and describes the opportunities for glass handling equipment manufacturers to increase sales.

The number of new bricks and mortar large commercial buildings is declining in favour of coated glass. Eight of the top ten skyscrapers in the world are predominantly covered in glass. Glass helps companies achieve a high BREEAM rating based on the sustainability of materials used in construction. Employers recognise that the natural daylight that enters a building enhances their employees wellbeing, and this directly increases production.

In developing economies, as incomes rise, many people want new homes with lots of windows because they appreciate natural light.

One disadvantage of glass is its fragility and the risk of injuring workers if the glass shatters. Modern glazing is strong but not unbreakable. An A-frames supplier makes glass handling equipment that safely stores and moves large sheets of glass. Provided workers have safety training and wear protective workwear. A-frames move glass with the minimum risk to workers. The best varieties use strong tubular steel and are made to last.

The full title of the report is ‘Global Glass Handling Tools and Equipment Market Report, History and Forecast 2014-2025, Breakdown Data by Manufacturers, Key Regions, Types and Application’. It can be ordered online.

Posted by Derek
4th June 2019

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