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Report says warehouses need to be more efficient

According to a recent report that spoke to a manual handling expert, to cope with the increase in online orders, warehouse and logistics businesses need to be more efficient.

Figures from the United Kingdom Warehousing Association have revealed that the warehouse sector has had a 30% growth over the past six years, and it is expected to continue to grow. The rise in demand for warehouses has been fuelled by consumers buying online. The government wants many more houses built in Britain, and this will increase the number of delivery points for online orders, resulting in more pressure on the logistics industry.

More warehouses are needed to cope with demand, but warehouses also need to be more efficient. Speaking to Catering Insight, Phil Chesworth, a manual handling expert, said:

“Increases in e-commerce is fuelling the demand for space and labour, so over the next few years we’re going to see warehouses growing, and businesses are going to have to focus even more on how they can remain efficient.”

Every warehouse that processes online orders needs to work with their warehouse equipment manufacturer to ensure that they have top-quality manual handling and storage equipment to process online orders quickly and accurately.

The government has a levelling up policy that aims to address the economic inequalities between UK regions. There has been talk about how warehouses could play a part in levelling up schemes and should be seen as an essential industry for local economies and treated as such in planning and economic policy decisions.

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