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Repurposed buildings could be solution to warehouse shortages

The UK has a warehouse shortage. Repurposing existing building space could provide the extra storage capacity businesses need.

There has been a boom in demand for new UK warehouses due to the rise in online shopping that accelerated during the Covid pandemic, and this ecommerce growth is forecast to continue. In 2021, businesses secured deals on 50.7 million square feet of warehouse space. New warehouses are being constructed to fulfil some of the demand for extra space, but the UK is in danger of running out of warehouses.

In the US, ReadySpace is a company that is providing a solution to the shortage of warehouses in America. Their business model could be used by the Brutish logistics sector. ReadySpace focuses on repurposing existing buildings for warehouse use, equipping them with everything a modern warehouse needs including storage racks, trolleys and warehouse packing equipment. They then rent the newly equipped warehouse to business clients. Their rental charges include the use of all the warehouse equipment, equipment maintenance, security systems, Wi-Fi connection, and energy use. The maintenance costs of the building are shared between ReadySpace and the tenant.

Space in larger warehouses owned by ReadySpace can be shared by several businesses. The ReadySpace service is targeted at small to medium-size businesses that need to expand their storage capacity to cope with business growth without the expense of building new warehouses and equipping them with warehouse storage and order handling equipment. The system also appeals to new businesses as it requires no substantial startup costs.

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