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Six standards that certify industrial racking quality

Just as with any other product, the industrial racks that are used in warehouses must be certified to provide those buying them with a guarantee that they meet the current standards for quality and safety. Those certifications mean that purchasers can be sure that the manufacturers, suppliers and their products have been found to conform to all such standards.

When it comes to storage racks, there are a total of six certification standards. Buyers should look for products and manufacturers that have fulfilled all of them.

1. ISO 3834-2 Welding Certification

This is intended to ensure that manufacturers apply the industry approved processes for welding industrial racks. These processes involve the use of production lines with robotic automated procedures for the welding of the racks. If a rack has been given this certification, it serves as a guarantee of its safety for use in storing even heavy items.

There are three subcategories:

EN ISO 3834-2 Full quality requirements
EN ISO 3834-3 Normal quality requirements
EN ISO 3834-4 Basic quality requirements

2. EN 1090-1 Standard

This certification applies to steel structures like industrial racks that have been installed within buildings such as warehouses. To earn it, the manufacturers have to meet current industry standards for everything from the raw materials to the cutting, forming and treating of them.

3. EN 13501-1 Painting Certification

The key purpose of this certification is to make sure that the manufacturers of industrial racks do not utilise lead when painting them, due to its environmental impact. However, it also guarantees that the paint deployed is not a fire hazard.

4. ISO 45001 Certification

This has replaced the OSHAS 18001 and addresses the safety of employees making the racks. Companies that earn it must meet set standards, including the implementation of control measures to reduce safety risks; setting up health and safety programs to minimise sick leave and injuries; provision of the best working environment possible; and the ability to show compliance with those standards to suppliers and consumers.

5. ISO 14001 Certification

This is entirely about environmental considerations. Companies that hold it have proven that they are committed to environmentally friendly business practices at every stage. For industrial racking manufacturers, this means proof that business operations are up-to-date and designed to minimise the impact on the environment.

It is a certification that firms across the country consider it particularly important to earn in 2023.

6. ISO 9001 Standard

The last of the six certifications is this one. It is about putting in place a Quality Management System (QMS) to show that a business is fully committed to meeting the needs of its customers. Again, it will provide those purchasing racks from a particular company with clear proof that they will get a top-quality product and service at every stage.

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