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Speed up packing times with quality packing benches

If a business has a high volume of orders that need dispatching every day, it is important that this process is fast and efficient.

Amazon has pioneered speedy deliveries with its next day delivery service. This has led to customers of other retailers demanding that their orders are delivered without delay.

If orders take a long time to be packed, the solution is to re-organise the packing station. The first point to consider is whether you have a packing bench that is designed to make packing easier and quicker. Here are some main points to consider:

The right height

Most packing stations are designed for people of average height. If a packer is very short or tall, it may not be the right size for them to work without strain. If an operator doesn’t feel physically comfortable working, their production level can suffer.

At Steely Products, we make packing benches that are height adjustable.

Keeping all materials and equipment within reach

Packing requires a variety of equipment and materials, such as label printers, tape dispensers, cardboard, monitors, keyboard, tablets and leaflets. All of these need to be within easy reach, without the need to stretch or twist.

The packing bench requires shelves both above and below the working surface to keep items organized. Bubble wrap, paper and cardboard on rolls need a dispenser.

The right size

In workplaces where space is scarce, the packing station needs to use all of the available space. A standard packing bench may leave small gaps that are too small to be used in the packing operation. A wider bench that fills this gap, on the other hand, utilises all the working space. At Steely Products, we make packing benches in custom sizes to fit a variety of different spaces.


A busy packing station handles hundreds of items a day. A packing bench needs to be able to withstand this heavy use, as well as heavy loads. The best packing benches are made from strong and durable tubular steel, which will last a long time.

Clean and tidy

A packing bench with plenty of space to store materials and equipment helps keep the packing station clean and tidy. A messy packing station hampers productivity and there can be a risk that workers will trip over items left on the floor.

The benefits of a premium packing bench

A premium-quality packing bench is an excellent investment that has many benefits. These include:

  • Improving organisation and packing flow
  • Improving productivity, efficiency and accuracy
  • Achieving optimal storage space
  • Maximising floor space

A well-organised packing station also improves staff morale, as they are not hampered by a messy, disorganised environment.

Premium packing bench solutions

Steely Products has developed a range of packing benches and tables to keep the packing system organised and make order processing quicker. We also make benches suitable for dealing with returned items.

If any of our benches do not fit your exact requirements, we can create a bespoke packing bench specifically designed for your packing system.

For more information about selecting the best packing bench for your business, contact Steely Products by phone or use the contact form below.

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