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Steel coalition wants new standard for clean steel

A new international coalition of steel manufacturers is urging the European Union and the United States to provide incentives for steel makers to produce clean steel with far fewer carbon emissions.

Steel is a strong, durable and cost-effective material that has a wide range of applications. Tubular steel is the most practical material to use for manual handling and storage equipment such as furniture trolleys, storage trolleys and aisle picking trolleys. Standard ways to make steel emit elevated levels of carbon which is linked to global warming. The answer to this is not to stop using steel as it is essential to global economies, but to produce cleaner steel with fewer CO2 emissions.

The Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC) is promoting a global standard to move rapidly towards low-carbon emission steel. Most steel plants use iron ore, coal and limestone, which are carbon intensive. The GSCC favours electric arc furnaces which can be powered by renewable energy sources. They also want more recycled steel from scrap metal to be used.

Leon Topalian, the CEO of Nucor Corporation which is a founding member of the coalition, said:

“We have the technology to reduce carbon emissions in steel production by 70 percent today.”

The GSCC’s primary focus is on a single standard for producing greener steel which all steel producers in the United States and Europe adhere to reduce the carbon emissions of the steel industry. This will help make a cleaner environment.

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