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Storage and display with quality clothing and garment rails

Clothes must be stored and displayed in ways that avoid creasing or more serious damage such as rips or staining. The best way to do that is to hang them on rails that have been specifically manufactured to prevent that. For that reason, industry warehouses and shops must have clothing and garment rails that are well designed and solidly constructed.

The right rails for all needs

What is needed in a garment or clothing rail can vary considerably depending on what it will be used for. If the rail will be deployed for storing clothes over a long period in a warehouse, castors will not be necessary. On the other hand, if it is for displaying clothes on the floor of a shop, having castors fitted will reduce the work involved in moving it from one area to another. We offer rails with hard rubber castors or without, to suit either situation.

Clothing rails for all purposes must be built from materials that are long-lasting though, which is why all of ours are welded together out of powder-coated tubular steel parts. This work is carried out by trained metalwork professionals.

Furthermore, the garments stored or displayed on them will be of different shapes, lengths and weights, and that is something the rails have to be able to accommodate. That is why many of those that we build and sell are adjustable, and why we also manufacture models that are intended for heavier items and bulk storage.

Some examples of our clothing rails

Two-tier clothing rails are ones with bars in the middle of the frame that can be moved up and down to fit the length of the clothes that will be hung on them. If both short and long items of clothing need to be hung on one rail, a split-level one is the garment rail you should purchase.

The Z-style rail with castors is intended to enable warehouses to store and move large quantities of clothes, and has been fitted with handles to help prevent garment damage and to make moving it easier.

Rails tailored to specific needs

Despite these varied models, sometimes a bespoke clothes rail is the only practical solution. One reason why we have stayed at the top of the industry for so long is our ability to design and build rails tailored to the needs of clients quickly without sacrificing quality.

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