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The benefits of using clothes rails for shop displays

Deciding how to showcase clothes for potential customers is a choice that the owners of retail outlets will need to make. How the garments are displayed will play a major part in determining whether or not you are able to sell them.

Even the best made and most fashionable items of clothing will look bad if they are not showcased well, and that will result in the customer walking away. One of the primary pieces of equipment that many clothing stores use to ensure their stock is displayed attractively is clothing rails.

If chosen carefully and made from high-quality steel parts, such rails will offer a number of benefits. In this article, we will be looking at why you should utilise rails for hanging your clothes if you are not already doing so.

They keep clothes looking great

One of the problems with garments is that they can be prone to creasing and other damage. Displaying them on rails within a shop setting will help to ensure that this does not happen, because each item will hang down rather than being folded up. Nobody is going to want to buy garments that are badly creased so that is an obvious advantage to using rails for your displays.

However, rails are also a better option than having stock folded on shelves when it comes to showing items off. A rail will let a customer get a sense of how the garment will hang on his or her body and will allow them to see every part of it from the front and the back. That will not be the case if the garments are kept folded up on shelves or other storage units.

They make finding garments easy

Rails are a very simple and efficient way of dividing up garments within a shop so that both potential customers and employees can find them easily. The general public is notoriously impatient and if they cannot locate what they are looking for quickly, they will simply move on to another shop.

Using clothing rails for your displays will also enable your staff to be more effective for the same reason. Time spent searching for a garment is not a productive use of the day so having a display system that prioritises organisation will enable greater efficiency. Furthermore, it is possible to get rails such as the ST04 Split Level Rail that enable you to sub-divide items by size or shape. These can also allow for displays that are more interesting and creative.

They are an efficient use of space

Most clothing stores will have quite a limited amount of space on the shop floor for displaying garments. That means they need to exploit what room there is to the absolute maximum. Clothing rails are a really good way of doing that because a single rail is able to display a lot of clothes. Even shops that are on the small side should still find that they have enough space for six of these rails at a minimum. If the rails are chosen wisely, this could be enough to display the majority of the available items.

The space maximising benefits of clothing rails are increased if you buy ones that can be dismantled or stacked together when not being used. For example, an ST10 Tall Exhibition Easi-Store Rail falls into the former category, while an ST09 Easi-Store Rail comes under the latter. These products are specifically designed for shops with limited space.

They are easy to move

Sometimes large quantities of clothes need to be moved from one part of a shop to another part. Keeping them in shelf units will mean that your employees have to climb up to reach them and then struggle to transport the heavy loads. On the other hand, most clothing rails are fitted with castors on the feet. This means that even rails that are packed with larger, heavier items of clothing are very easy for employees to move.

Not only will that help to make the job quicker and easier for them, it will also prevent them from suffering strains and other common workplace injuries.

They can be customised

Another benefit of choosing clothing rails for the display of garments is that you can get ones that have been custom built to your needs. Some shops have incredibly limited space and so require rails that are more slim line than the standard models. Other outlets specialise in very large and heavy items of clothing and therefore need rails that have been specially built to be able to withstand the weight of them with breaking or tipping over.

At Steely Products, we stock a wide range of clothing rails and can also manufacture custom models. Use the contact form below to place your order or get in touch.

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