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The different types of heavy duty garment rails

Heavy duty garment rails are for busy workplaces that need strong reliable equipment to store and move large numbers of garment items.

Garments come in all shapes and sizes – dresses, coats, tops, trousers, jackets and so on. This means that companies often need several types of garment rails to store them.

Single-tier rails

The basic garment rail has one rail and is mounted on wheels to move it around. It is suitable for hanging mid-to-long length garments on hangers. You can also purchase static versions of the rail.

Two-tier rails

Two tier rails have two rails – one top rail and one midway down the length. This is useful for long and short hanging. Two tier rails are available with an adjustable mid-bar that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different garment lengths.

Split-level rails

Split level rails have one rail that is bent so that there is a low and a high section. This is useful for the shop floor where short and long garments can be displayed on the same rail.

Seven-tier rails

Seven-tier rails are used to hang small garments or hangers behind the retail counter. Many customers do not want to take the hangers with their purchases, so a way is needed to organise and store unwanted hangers ready for reuse. This is easy with the seven-tier rail.

Tote box rails

The tote box rail has a wide section at the bottom for tote boxes. This rail can hang garments and store small items or accessories in boxes.

Z-style rails

Large full dresses such as prom and wedding dresses can be difficult to move, as their considerable width can brush against walls and objects when moving. The Z-style garment rail has shoulders that are used as handles to move the rail, while also providing side protection for the clothes.

Collapsible and easy store rails

Many rails need to be permanently erected on the storage or shop floor area. Pre-Christmas and during sales periods, more stock needs to be carried. Easy-store rails are designed so that they take up minimum space stacked together when they are not needed, then used at busy times.

Collapsible rails are ideal for taking to trade shows and exhibitions. They can be dismantled and easily transported in a small van or hatchback car. The best kind can be quickly assembled without needing tools.

Bespoke rails

Heavy duty garment rails can be made in custom sizes. Some British manufacturers of garment rails can also offer a bespoke service. They study your storage and movement requirements and come up with bespoke garment rails.

The best heavy duty garment rails are made from tubular steel which is strong and lightweight, They are not mass produced, so making a few bespoke rails will not be that expensive.

The key to efficiently organising areas where garments are displayed or stored is to make sure that you use the best equipment. Talk to your storage and manual handling equipment supplier about the best garment rails and other equipment suitable for your particular needs.

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