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The fashion retailers continuing to thrive in lockdown

Although many fashion retailers are struggling, some are coping with changed business conditions, and even making the most of a new opportunity.

During the coronavirus lockdown, fashion shops are closed. Oasis and Warehouse have permanently closed, but not all the news is bad. Joules has expanded its online retailing and reports sales above expectations. Other retailers, including Next and Marks and Spencer, have declining sales, but are expect to recover.

Thinking a little more outside of the box, the air quality in UK cities has improved because of less traffic. This has made people aware of environmental issues and how the planet’s environment can be improved. In response to the demand for more green products, Phase Eight has launched its new “Sustainably Sourced” collection. The retailer is using sustainable alternatives to cotton and making clothes from recycled poly chiffon.

Warehouses that process garment orders are enforcing social distancing. The layout of warehouses has been modified with heavy duty garment rails organised so that order pickers do not have to be close to each other.

Clothing retailers are waiting for the government to announce when lockdown restrictions can be eased and non-essential item shops reopen. It is likely that social distancing rules will be enforced in shops.

The clothing retailers that will survive are those like Joules and Next that have strong e-commerce platforms. Their warehouses have adopted strict safety measures, asking workers to frequently wash their hands, wear protective masks and keep a safe distance apart.

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