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The intelligent design of furniture trolleys

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from small dining chairs to large king-size beds. Since there is no one furniture trolley suitable for all types of furniture, intelligent furniture trolley design is the art of creating furniture trolleys to fit the weight, size and shape of items they carry.

In partnership with the furniture industry, we at Steely Products have developed a range of specialised furniture trolleys that are designed well and built to last.


Mattresses are difficult to move. Without a trolley, it requires two people to carry one mattress. With a specially designed furniture trolley, one worker can move several mattresses at a time, safely and without strain.

Mattresses that roll up need a different trolley design that can easily move a few at a time.

Sofas and three-piece suites

Sofas and lounge chairs are heavy and have an awkward shape, so are a notorious challenge to the furniture trolley designer. At Steely, we’ve come up with an innovative solution.

Our sofa trolleys feature arms to support two armchairs on a lower tier and a full size couch on the upper one. Sofas and suites can be stored on these trolleys ready for moving when ordered.

Stacking chairs

Stacking chairs need a long narrow flatbed trolley with high supports at either end. These can carry two rows of stacked chairs.

We also make a range of trolleys that can hold many chair cushions.

Boxed furniture

Flatpack furniture is packed in boxes. An inclined sack trolley is perfect for moving large individual boxes.

For small boxed furniture and other smaller items, a trolley that has a back and one side support is ideal.

Headboards and tabletops

Headboards can be transported using a flatbed trolley that has back support. Headboards are placed vertically at a small incline supported by the back rails ready for safe moving. A similar style of trolley can be used for tabletops.


A furniture trolley suitable for beds is a flatbed one. This includes an inclined back support and is capable of carrying a number of beds.

Bespoke furniture trolleys

We have partnered with a number of companies in the furniture trade to produce a range of furniture trolleys suitable for the majority of furniture. Sometimes a company has unusual furniture items that are not appropriate for a standard trolley. In this case, we can create an original design or modify an existing one.

A Steely Products engineer/designer applies intelligent design principles to all bespoke trolleys. This means confronting the challenge of how to transport a particular furniture item, then coming up with a simple solution that works well.

Whether a custom trolley size is required, or the furniture needs a new unique trolley design, our engineers are always here to help. Our philosophy is to build well-designed equipment that lasts a long time.

To find the best trolleys for your furniture storage and moving needs, talk to us. Call or use the contact form below to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

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