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The many benefits of box trolleys

Box trolleys are useful for picking smaller items from warehouses shelves and taking them to packing stations.

Small to medium companies that sell goods online, such as Joules, Monki, and Weekday, rely on box trolleys for picking the many small items they ship each day. Box trolley suppliers have a range of box trolleys suitable for picking and packing operations, which are made to last from strong and lightweight tubular steel.

Large companies such as Amazon and Ocado have invested heavily in automated systems, but for small to medium organisations, box trolleys have several advantages. They cost considerably less than robots, which can be tens of thousands of pounds plus the cost of software systems. They do not run out of electricity and their only moving parts are the casters, so they are unlikely to break down. Automated systems are good for planning picking routes and guiding operators to item locations, but trolleys pushed by humans are efficient and get the job done well.

Box trolleys can carry fixed boxes, removable boxes or totes. Each box can be assigned to an order, and if removable, they can be left at the packing station and replaced with empty ones. They are especially useful for retailers that sell small items, such as jewellery and accessories. A box trolley with many shelves can hold a number of open-ended boxes that carry a large number of items.

Premium quality casters mean that box trolleys can be pushed or pulled around the workplace by one operator. Provided that box trolleys are risk assessed and all workers are trained in health and safety procedures for pushing and pulling trolleys, they are safe to work with.

Box trolleys are also useful for manufacturers that store a large number of small parts. They make it efficient to pick the parts needed to supply the workshop.

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