The storage racks supplier helps organisations cope with online sales

In the retail sector, there has been a shift to online sales and warehouses have to be organised to deal with this. Storage rack suppliers are a part of this process by supplying the extra warehouse racks that retailers need.

Many people associate the rise of e-commerce with Amazon or large supermarket companies like Tesco and Ocado. Futurists imagine a future warehouse devoid of humans where robots pick and pack orders. The reality is that most e-commerce shops are smaller businesses, though.

Clothing retailers like Joules and Crew Clothing have growing online operations, as well as physical shops. They rely on human workers with picking trolleys which they use to transport items from storage racks. They may use automated systems that have audio or visual signals to locate items and software to record the processing of orders, but the essential operations of picking items and packing them for dispatch are carried out by humans.

Any business starting an online shop needs the help of a storage racks supplier, preferably one that also makes warehouse equipment. They can view an empty warehouse space and design a storage rack system that maximises space to efficiently store items. Storage racks can be made in custom sizes to exactly fit the available space. The storage racks supplier will also make trolleys, packing tables and other equipment. The arrangement of the warehouse, and how it is equipped, is designed with the goal of packing the maximum number of items per hour.

Amazon has led the way in speedy deliveries and this has raised customer expectations, meaning next-day deliveries have become standard. There are plenty of couriers who will deliver within 24 hours, but it is up to the e-commerce business to have the packages ready for dispatch as soon as possible after an order is made. Storage rack suppliers are a key element to make this happen.

Posted by Katrina
6th June 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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