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The three steps to selecting sturdy packing benches

Online retailers, delivery companies and others know how important sturdy packing benches are. Orders need packing and addressing quickly, and this requires the best equipment for the job.

At Steely Products, we make sturdy packing benches using strong tubular steel designed to last. We don’t have a “once size fits all” approach, instead recognising that every packing station is different and needs a packing bench that exactly fits its requirements.

There are at least three steps involved in selecting a packing bench.

1. Select the size

A packing bench needs to fit into the available space in the packing station. One that is too big obviously is not suitable, but a smaller bench wastes valuable space. That’s why we make sturdy packing benches to custom sizes to exactly fit the space they are going into.

Take a look at the whole packing station design, where the benches and other equipment go. It’s possible that the layout is not optimised for maximum efficiency. Reorganising the packing area can cut down the time it takes to pack each order.

2. Select the accessories

A standard packing bench may be suitable, but there are many accessory options available to customise the packing bench.

If the packing area is not lit adequately, lights can be added. Clipboard holders are ideal for order paperwork, or if using a digital order processing system, you may need a laptop or tablet holder.

Wrapping paper dispensers are another popular accessory. Shelves can be added to hold frequently needed items such as tape dispensers, leaflets and bubble wrap. For items that are accessed less frequently, under-bench shelves are a useful addition.

The standard colour of packing benches is blue, and this is acceptable by most users. If the colour of the bench is important, other colours of benches can be supplied

3. Select the number of packing benches

Often, one packing bench is not enough. In workplaces that process a large volume of daily orders, at least one bench per packer is required.

When designing a packing station, plan for future expansion. How will the packing station cope with a surge in orders? When planning for future growth, it is helpful to order extra packing stations to add flexibility. As soon as orders increase, the spare packing bench can be put into service to add extra packing capacity.

Think about the other equipment

After the best sturdy packing benches have been selected, consider the rest of the equipment used. An efficient packing station does not operate in isolation; it is part of a system that includes storage, dispatch and goods receiving processes.

Steely Products provides equipment for all warehouse areas including shelving, picking trolleys, storage trolleys and tables. We work with many industry sectors to develop the best equipment designs for all order processing activities.

If you need help in selecting the best packing benches for your organisation, give us a call to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, contact us through the contact form below.

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