The value of manual handling training

Manual handling can cause injury and accidents. To reduce accident risk and to comply with safety regulations some companies hire expert manual handling trainers.

If a worker has a manual handling-related accident and their employer has been negligent by not providing manual handling training, the business could face fines and penalties. Another cost of inefficient manual handling is damage to goods.

Some firms hire a manual handling trainer as part of their staff. Alternately, workers can attend manual handling training courses or can take an online course. A manual handling trainer can visit a workplace to provide training specific to the manual tasks their workers perform.

A manual handling trainer can help businesses with risk assessments and advice on the best safety procedures to use.

Such manual handling courses should not be restricted to warehouse staff. Office workers, vehicle loaders, and delivery drivers are also involved in manual handling. Managers and supervisors may not directly handle heavy items, but they still need manual handling knowledge to supervise staff who do. These courses do not take long. Depending on the specific requirements of the employer, a course can teach workers in just an hour or two.

Employers have a duty to make sure their employees are trained to lift and carry loads safely. They also need to provide staff with well-designed material handling equipment such as storage trolleys to safely store and carry heavy goods.

Manual handling accidents can be expensive. It pays to comply with safety regulations by using a manual handling trainer.

Posted by Mark
20th August 2018
Health & Safety

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