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The versatility of a trolley manufacturer

A trolley manufacturer is versatile because of the large number of different types of trolleys it can make.

Businesses that process a lot of orders every day, and manufacturers that have a large stock of parts, need reliable trolleys to pick items from warehouse shelves. Items come in all shapes, sizes and weights, and this means that one type of trolley is not suitable for all operations.

The furniture industry, for example, has items ranging from small bedside tables to large sofas. Companies such as Next, Furniture Village and Habitat need trolleys that are suitable for different furniture items. A simple flatbed trolley is fine for small boxed items, but specialist trolleys are needed to carry large irregular-shaped items like sofas.

A trolley manufacturer carries a large range of trolleys from specialised ones that transport chairs, sofas, beds and mattresses, to box trolleys for large boxed items and flatbed trolleys with side supports for mixed loads. Many warehouses’ rack systems are built high with pickers needing to locate items stored at heights beyond their reach. A trolley with built-in steps makes it easy to lift these high items off shelves.

A trolley manufacturer needs to be flexible and adaptable to make custom size trolleys. If none of its standard trolleys suits the exact requirements of a business, it should be able to design bespoke solutions. A British-based trolley manufacturer will usually have an in-house designer who can visit a location to observe what items need storing and moving. In consultation with business owners, managers and the workers that use the trolleys, a bespoke design will be created and constructed from tubular steel by skilled metal workers.

As a business expands they need more storage space and warehouse equipment. They require a trolley manufacturer that can quickly respond to their expansion plans by supplying new durable and reliable trolleys.

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