Tips for creating an eco-friendly warehouse

Increasing the green credentials of a warehouse or distribution centre operation not only has a positive effect on the environment, but can also impact on a business’s profit margins too. Exploring new ways to reduce waste, optimise workflow and switching to eco-friendly and sustainable products are all great ways to help the success of a business, as well as protecting the environment. Going green is more than

merely ensuring all the lights are turned off before you go home, and some extra changes may be needed to improve a facilities efficiency.

Careful management of stock inventory can help maximise storage space, with efficient use of shelving and storage, reducing the need for internal movement of products to and from packing stations. While matching inbound and outbound stock movement can reduce the carbon footprint of shipping and transportation. Using less packaging results in less waste and also impacts on transportation needs, reducing CO2 emissions. Changing to eco-friendly, recyclable packaging and cleaning products is a good move, and using energy saving electrical equipment such as low energy lighting, sensor controlled heating or timer monitored ventilation can pay off in the long run as energy bills are reduced

An eco-friendly warehouse facility with sound efficiency and energy saving initiatives is not hard to achieve. A few simple changes need not cost the earth, but can go a long way to a profitable business, and with competition keen between businesses, keeping an eye on the bottom line has never been more important.

Posted by Derek
7th March 2018
Retail & Warehousing

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