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Tips to improve warehouse maintenance and save money

The warehouse industry has undergone some major changes in recent years; with the rapid growth of e-commerce, JIT stock inventory and next day deliveries, facilities management strategies are under pressure to find cost-savings in every area.

A key area where big savings can be found is in maintenance. This can cover everything from ensuring correct storage trolleys and racking systems are up to the job required, to improving housekeeping routines. Damage to stock from infestation, water, incorrect temperature control or human neglect can have a big impact in the bottom line.

Regular and adequate maintenance checks on equipment and storage areas should be carried out, fire alarms and sprinkler-systems serviced and tested, and good housekeeping methods introduced to keep areas clear of debris and free from infestations. Cracked floors, paintwork and racking can be dangerous to staff as well as harbour pests that can destroy valuable stock, and so keeping on top of routine maintenance can save you bigger costs that may happen further down the line.

Warehouse security should also be a priority. Installing CCTV and alarms may incur initial costs, but the long-term savings to be made by deterring intruders who could damage property can be great. If your facility is on an industrial estate, the cost could be shared with neighbouring businesses. A reputable warehouse equipment manufacturer, such as here at Steely Products, can advise on the most efficient and cost effective way to improve storage facility maintenance, saving you money in the long run.

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