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Top tips to keep warehouse staff cool

Justin Moats from EHS software has given his top tips for keeping cool in the warehouse.

Though warehouse workers are not outside in the harsh sun, warehouses can become hot and uncomfortable places to work in during a summer heatwave and extreme heat conditions can have serious health implications. Justin Moats has listed his top strategies to help keep workers cool.


Large HVLS fans can cool 20,000 square feet and circulate stagnant air, helping to minimise the effects of extreme temperatures.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning that cools down the whole warehouse is effective but expensive to run. Portable AC units are less costly and are not needed in areas where nobody is working.

Screen doors

Screen doors increase airflow whilst preventing unwanted pests and intruders from entering the warehouse.


Dehumidifiers are useful in hot, humid conditions, removing moisture from the air to make the environment more comfortable to work in.


Insulation has a significant role in controlling the temperature, helping to keep the warehouse warm in the winter and cool in summer.

LED lights

Energy efficient LED lights work to save energy and operate at cooler temperatures than traditional lighting.

Maintaining equipment

Manual handling and storage equipment such as storage trolleys and picking trolleys require regular cleaning and safety checking but do not contribute to warehouse warming. On the other hand, poorly maintained motorised equipment such as conveyor belts and forklifts can cause motors to emit more heat than they should.


Workers may need safety training on keeping cool and hydrated on sweltering summer days.

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