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Top ways to improve your packing performance

If you are running a storage warehouse that supplies the garment industry and other sectors, then packing will be a major part of your working routine. Being able to get items packaged and ready for dispatch as quickly as possible is essential to your overall efficiency and productivity.

Well-constructed and hardwearing equipment that has been specifically designed for the job will help enormously when it comes to improving your business’s packing performance. That includes at least two of the products that we manufacture: picking trolleys and packing tables.

2 step Picking Trolley

How our picking trolleys can help you

We provide a range of picking trolleys, all of which are constructed primarily out of toughened, powder-coated steel tubes. These are welded together to ensure that the frames of the trolleys can withstand the bangs and bumps that are inevitable in busy warehouse facilities.

Here are some of the individual trolleys we offer and how they will assist your packing performance.

3 Step 2 Shelf Warehouse Trolley

The purpose of a picking trolley is to collect items from different parts of a warehouse that are due for dispatch and transport them to the packing areas. The 3 step 2 shelf warehouse trolley is perhaps the best for all-purpose ‘general picking.’

What that means in practice is that it is suitable for carrying items of all sizes. The twin shelves will easily accommodate large and smaller items and can be made out of rubber, wood or metal, depending on your needs or preferences.

This trolley will improve your business efficiency by letting employees collect large and small stock at the same time.

4 Step Hanging Rail Trolley

If your warehouse mainly supplies clothing retail outlets, this trolley will be a great choice for maximising efficiency. The tubular steel frame is fitted with a total of four steps so that large numbers of items can be carried on it during a single journey.

Narrow Aisle Picking Trolley

If your warehouse has narrow aisles, a lot of valuable time can be lost if the picking trolleys will not go down them. That will mean employees having to carry goods to the ends of these aisles by hand before putting them on the trolleys.

Our narrow aisle trolley is intended to avoid that. Its slim steel frame will fit easily in the narrowest of spaces, doing more of the work for employees.

Bulk Pick Trolley

Designed to enable sizeable quantities to be picked and transported in one trip, the Bulk Pick Trolley will save a lot of picking time in a busy warehouse.

These and our other trolleys all have hard rubber castors to lighten the load of moving them when full, further reducing delays.

How our packing tables can help you

Having a specialist table equipped for every part of the packing process will ensure that you do not have to move from one part of the warehouse to another to get items prepped for dispatch.

Examples we stock include the following packing tables:

Packing Bench

This steel bench comes with compartments along the top for holding the cardboard boxes needed to pack items in. It has a main surface large enough for preparing items of all sizes and topped with durable laminate.

There is also a smaller shelf for storing the tools needed in packing and a bracket for a computer monitor, so the administration can be completed while at the bench.

Returns Bench

Dealing efficiently with returned items is also a standard part of working life in a storage warehouse and this table is designed to take the stress out of it.

The tubular steel frame has two separate benches, one for processing the returned items and one for storing a printer needed to print off any administrative paperwork. There is a bracket for the computer monitor and an angled keyboard to ensure comfort when working at it.

Our returns bench model also comes with space for an overhead light built into its frame. That means it can be used effectively at night too, so returns can be processed when it is most convenient for your business.

Processing Bench

Perhaps the most comprehensive packing table we provide is the processing bench model. This has the twin laminate-topped tables – one for packing and one for storage – that the other models come with.

It features a centrally-placed monitor bracket above these, but also comes with two tables either side of the main frame. These can be used to hold cardboard boxes, tote boxes, printers or anything else needed to get items from the picking stage to being processed and packed.

This product has everything your business could need for packing in one handy table.

Here at Steely Products, we manufacture all trolleys and tables in-house and can create custom designs to further improve your performance if necessary. Use the contact form below to get in touch.

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