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Use an A-frames supplier for glass storage

An A-frame is a simple structure that bears a load in a lightweight and economical way.

The simplest form of A-frame is two beams of similar size at 45 degrees or less angle and fixed at the top. There are many uses for A-frames – houses can be based them, a saw-horse is an A-frame, and even the London Eye is supported by a single A-frame.

One of the most common uses of A-frames is for storing glass. Window companies like Everest, Safestyle, and Anglian need a safe way to store and transport glass and use A-frames for this purpose.

It is not recommended to store glass flat, as it is difficult to separate the sheets when needed. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends storing it at a vertical angle between 3 to 5 degrees.

An A-frames supplier will have frames in many different sizes to suit the various sizes of windows. These include static A-frames for storing glass and wheeled ones for moving it around the factory or warehouse. A-frames are made from tubular steel lengths that are cut, bent and welded together. They have slats that are usually made from timber along the length of the frames to prevent scratching.

A-frames come in different sizes and can be made to a custom size by UK-based manufacturers.

There have been many innovations in the making of windows over the years, but the traditional A-frame trolleys and racks remain the preferred solution for the storage of glass. Why change the method when it works? The simple but elegant technology of the A-frame is the ideal solution to store glass, metal or plastic sheets.

Thanks to their diversity and ease of used, A-frames are unlikely to be replaced by newer technology for the foreseeable future.

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