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Warehouse equipment that you need

Warehouses are big places brimming with stock. Irrespective of which retail sector your organisation is in, you need an efficient way of organising logistics in your warehouse.

That’s why having the right equipment is so important, giving your warehouse workers the means to do their job in less time, with less effort. This adds up to a more streamlined operation that can make a difference to the bottom line.

In this article, we put the spotlight on warehouse equipment that many companies can’t do without:

Packing tables

Packing tables are pieces of equipment used at packing stations within a warehouse. Not only can they keep a space better organised with less clutter, but packing tables can also boost productivity and expedite delivery times.

From processing benches to mail order desks, packing tables can be chosen according to the nature of the items in the warehouse, and the layout of the warehouse itself. There is space for processing equipment such as label printers and scanners, while ergonomic design reduces strain on operators.

Picking trolleys

In a space with high ceilings and extensive shelving, picking trolleys become a must. Not only do they allow operators to retrieve and place items easily, but these trolleys also reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace.

When it comes to efficiency, picking trolleys allow goods required for orders to be transported in bulk across the warehouse floor, saving time. They offer plenty of opportunity for customisation, with options for security features such as caging and mesh, as well as tilted shelves and temperature control.

If you want to optimise workflow for warehouse personnel, a picking trolley is a crucial piece of equipment.

Garment rails

It sounds simple, because it is. If your warehouse stocks clothes, garment rails make the whole process of finding and organising items far more straightforward than the alternatives.

While garment rails might be more readily associated with the store side of retail, they aren’t only for display. Garment rails in warehouses are an effective way of organising stock without damaging the integrity of items. Folding or packing some types of clothes away may stretch or fold the material, meaning they are less presentable when it comes to sales.

Window and door trolleys

At the other side of the warehouse spectrum are items used for construction, such as windows and doors.

These are platform trolleys that provide advantages such as strength and ergonomic design, allowing heavy, flat items to be transported in and out of the warehouse easily. They can be key to avoiding damage – in terms of the materials themselves, fittings at the warehouse, and the workers handling them.

A range of different widths and lengths ensure that warehouse managers can find exactly the right size of trolley for the goods that they store.

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