Warehouses need to prepare for sales surges

Sales surges, such as Black Friday and Christmas, make it difficult for warehouses to keep up with processing a large number of orders, and warehouses are being urged to prepare for periods like these accordingly.

According to SHD Logistics, Charlie Walker of fulfilment company Walker Logistics said:

“Get your logistics right and the prospect of a deluge of incoming orders should hold no fear.”

Some factors that disrupt supply chains, such as the shortage of HGV drivers, may be difficult to deal with, but there are several actions that can be taken to plan for sales surges. For example, warehouse owners can order more material handling equipment from their warehouse equipment supplier to make sure that all employees have access to picking trolleys, packing tables and other equipment for processing orders.

More temporary and permanent staff can be recruited, though wages and working conditions may need to be improved to attract quality candidates. Warehouse management software and other automated systems can improve productivity.

Traditionally, sales surges like Black Friday and Boxing Day are times when consumers queue up for hours outside a shop in the hope of grabbing an early bargain. However, nowadays, many shoppers prefer to avoid the queues and the frenzy to find items at heavily discounted prices. They order online in the comfort of their home – about 40% of Black Friday orders are now made online.

Walker has warned that if warehouse teams fail to properly plan for busy periods like Black Friday, it can result in a negative outcome.

Posted by Katrina
29th November 2021
Retail & Warehousing

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