Warehouses reopen after upgrading worker safety

Warehouses that were closed because of the coronavirus pandemic have reopened after upgrading their safety measures to protect workers.

One of the major retailers that have started processing online orders again is Next. To ensure social distancing, they have put two-metre marks on the warehouse floors and restricted the number of warehouse workers in each work shift. Each worker has been issued with a “keep lean kit”.

Next limits the number of orders they can process in a day. Their website is switched to “browse only” when daily order limits have been reached.

Fashion retailer Quiz has also started online sales again after implementing social distance rules and other safety measures in their warehouse. A Quiz spokesperson said:

“Additional safety measures have also been implemented, including deep cleaning and the provision of personal protection equipment in order to keep its employees safe and protected.”

Amazon has remained open during the pandemic. Some Amazon workers have complained that social distancing is not being enforced in their warehouses and that they have inadequate PPE (personal protective equipment). Amazon has denied that they have put workers at risk. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos visited an Amazon warehouse to thanks his staff for working hard.

One of the measures that warehouses can take is to regularly deep clean surfaces. The coronavirus can survive for several hours on hard surfaces but is easily wiped clean from equipment like packing tables and trolleys. Employees need to regularly wash their hands and keep two metres apart at all times.

Posted by Mark
27th April 2020
Retail & Warehousing

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