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Wearable technology improves warehouse health and safety

The Smart Safety Vest developed by German Bionic is a piece of wearable technology that has sensors, helping to improve warehouse health and safety.

A warehouse equipment producer makes picking trolleys and other manual handling equipment that have high safety standards. No matter how safe the equipment is, any manual handling process such as lifting items and pushing trolleys can cause musculoskeletal and other injuries. German Bionic has developed wearable exoskeleton tools that relieve the pressure on the body when lifting heavy objects. The company describes their latest models as being:

“Leaner, lighter, and more comfortable for long-term use.”

German Bionics latest product, the Smart Safety Vest, is wearable PPE that gathers data for risk assessments, which are used to improve health and safety procedures.

Every warehouse must risk assess all manual handling work processes. Quality risk assessments rely on gathering a lot of accurate data. The Smart Safety Vest has sensors built into it that collect data on worker ergonomics and productivity. This data is uploaded to a cloud-based system where artificial intelligence and machine learning software uses this information to assess risks and formulate strategies for safe working practices.

The Chief Product Officer of German Bionic, Norma Steller said:

“With our new wearables, we are empowering hard-working people with the tools they need to do their jobs more safely and sustainably.”

German Bionic says that their Smart Safety Vest can be used in any manual working environment to improve safety by protecting workers involved in manual handling activities.

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