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What are the benefits of bespoke warehouse equipment?

There is a wide variety of material handling and storage equipment available for warehouses. Trolleys, tables, benches and shelving all come in a range of shapes and sizes. Sometimes, however, a standard design does not meet an end users’ exact requirements. A storage or handling solution that is not fit for the goods it has to move or store can damage products and equipment, and can also potentially injure workers.

There are several reasons why warehouse managers should consider a bespoke solution:

Tailor-made for a specific product

A trolley is designed for moving a particular weight and size. A standard trolley may be fine for carrying some small, rectangular boxes, but what if the item is heavy, large and awkwardly shaped? An example of this is a sofa, which requires a long trolley. An operator cannot move more than one sofa on a trolley, even if it is longer than normal. Here at Steely Products, in partnership with furniture manufacturers, we have developed sofa trolleys that are capable of storing and moving two sofas at a time.

If you need to move heavy, large items safely, a bespoke trolley can be created especially for that item. Tables and shelving can also be made to custom sizes.


One instance where using bespoke trolleys is encouraged is when a standard trolley is poses an injury risk for heavy items. Our sofa trolleys, for example, are not just a convenient way to move and store sofas – they are safe to use. Two sofas on these trolleys will not fall off when the trolley is moved.

If a product is too large for a trolley, it is an accident risk and should not be transported. Bespoke trolleys can be designed to carry specific items and are, most importantly, safe to use.


Warehouse equipment is designed for practicality, and not its appearance. However, some style changes can be made when ordering bespoke equipment, and tubular steel can be coated in various colours.

Prototype testing

After prototype equipment has been made, it is delivered to the workplace to be tested. Management can examine it, and – perhaps more importantly – the employees who will use the equipment can try it out. At this stage, modifications can be made following suggestions.


All bespoke equipment made by us at Steely Products is top-quality and long lasting. We use strong tubular steel welded together with strong joints to make them safe and reliable under heavy use.

In addition, we don’t always rely on verbal instructions or rough sketches before designing bespoke equipment – we like to visit workplaces in person to see for ourselves how a specific warehouse or manufacturing facility operates.

Whether you want a single equipment item creating or you need to equip a whole new warehouse, the bespoke design process starts with a conversation between the end user and our experts.

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