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What can the next generation of two-way radios bring?

Two-way radios have been around for a long time in the warehouse and logistics industry, playing a crucial role in communications within large facilities. The digital age has helped the two-way radio evolve and this important piece of equipment now has many new inbuilt features:

Better communications

Digital models now have the capability of private or group calling, instead of using an open network that everyone who is tuned in can hear. This means airwaves are less crowded and instructions or queries can be targeted to the correct recipient. They also allow for text messaging, which is very convenient for noisy environments, meaning an operative no longer has any need to remove their ear defenders. With integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, communicating with other sites via the internet can help departments track orders and receive stock updates.

Better tracking capabilities

Built in GPS with Bluetooth 4.0 technology is not just a means of knowing where everyone is, the safety features this allows can have many benefits. For example, a worker who has a fall or accident within the sofa display racks of a large furniture facility can be precisely located, resulting in a quicker response time for first-aiders and emergency services. Warehouse managers and supervisors will also have a clearer idea of how to allocate work more efficiently, streamlining tasks over the whole of the warehouse for maximum effect.

Two way radios are a reliable and easy to use voice communication system that are now evolving with the digital age, integrating powerful data holding capabilities with real-time collaboration, and improving efficiency across large and busy facilities.

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