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What do furniture trolley suppliers sell?

We know what you’re thinking – the obvious answer to the question in the title is ‘furniture trolleys’. While this is a correct answer, it doesn’t reveal the many types of furniture trolleys that are available.

The challenge with furniture is that it comes in many varieties – sofas, tables, chairs and beds are all shaped differently and do not weigh the same. This means that there is no uniform furniture trolley capable of holding all furniture types.

Flat and boxed furniture

Flat pack furniture is great as it comes in rectangular boxes that are easy to move on basic flat trolleys. Not everyone shops at Ikea though, and the Swedish megastore itself doesn’t flat pack everything. For example, it sells easy chairs that require no construction at home.

Other boxed furniture can be moved using flat trolleys with a front and side panel that supports high boxes. Other boxes can use modified sack trolleys.


Perhaps the most irregular shaped items of furniture are sofas. They are unstable if stacked on top of each other and are a waste of space stored singularly. Specialised furniture trolleys have two or more tiers to safely store and move these often cumbersome items.


Stacked chairs can be stacked on top of each other, which is where they get their name from, but most chairs cannot. Some manufacturers of chairs store the cushions separately before chairs are made. Furniture trolley suppliers have trolleys that are designed for chairs or cushions.


Beds and mattresses also require specialist trolleys. Some mattresses need to be stored vertically, while others can be rolled up, and these require different trolley solutions.

Headboards are often stored away from the bed bases and require specialist storage solutions.


Since furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, a furniture trolley supplier may not have a suitable trolley. If the supplier is also a trolley manufacturer ,they will be able to make a bespoke trolley especially for a particular type of furniture. As trolleys are made in small production runs from welded tubular steel, you do not need expensive tooling or moulding to fabricate a few bespoke furniture trolleys.

Sometimes, a bespoke trolley is simply a matter of making standard trolleys in custom sizes.

The answer to what furniture trolleys suppliers sell is therefore a lot more varied than you might think. If you make or sell furniture, there is a furniture trolley suitable for most items you make or sell, and bespoke trolleys for when standard trolleys aren’t quite right.

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