What does a picking trolley designer do?

Busy warehouses depend on pickers with trolleys to pick items from shelves. A picking trolley is a simple technology that has been used in storage areas for decades, so it may appear that there is no need for a picking trolley designer, but this is not the case.

Picking trolley manufacturers supply a number of different types of picking trolleys. There are flatbed trolleys, ones with tote boxes built into them, and even trolleys with steps that can be used to reach high items. For multi-item orders, picking trolleys with several boxes can be used so that each order item is allocated a box before it goes to a packing station.

Not every storage area is the same, because warehouses store a variety of different shaped items – some heavy, others lightweight. Sometimes items are in boxes, but odd-shaped items may need to be picked. Not every situation is suitable for a standard picking trolley, so a picking trolley designer works with an equipment manufacturer to create bespoke picking trolley models.

Designers are called in to observe the picking operation of a business, to see what goods are picked and how the picking operation can be improved with a bespoke solution. They talk to business owners, managers and workers to get their ideas on what kind of custom trolley they need. Often, this will be a modified version of an existing trolley.

The designer then goes back to their workshop and designs a picking trolley ideal for the job. In collaboration with skilled metalworkers, a prototype trolley is fabricated from tubular steel. This is thoroughly tested by the client, and once they are satisfied with the bespoke picking trolley, as many as the client needs are produced.

A picking trolley designer is a highly skilled design engineer, and plays a fundamental role in making picking operations more efficient.

Posted by Mark
12th June 2019

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