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What does it take to become a skilled metalworker?

To make premium-quality material handling and storage equipment from tubular steel, we at Steely Products employ a workforce of skilled metalworkers. Unlike many manufacturing processes, we don’t have large production lines with robots fabricating equipment. Tubular steel is cut, shaped and welded by metalworkers with a high skill level.

How to become a metalworker

You don’t need high academic qualifications to train as a metalworker, but most employers will prefer candidates to have some GCSE qualifications. Workers need to have a reasonable level of fitness, as they will be required to lift heavy items. They must also be able to work with their hands.

Training is usually carried out through an apprenticeship that combines work experience and college training.

What skills do metalworkers need to master?

There are a number of skills that a good metalworker needs to master to make material storage and handling equipment from steel.

He or she needs to be able to work with metal and know how to shape, cut and weld steel. This requires the ability to use machine and benchtop tools.

A metalworker has to be able to read and interpret mechanical drawings. They must also know how to measure accurately.

As mentioned above, metalworking is a physical job requiring a good level of fitness, and metalworkers normally work in teams, so they need to be able to work well with others.

Ideally, a metalworker will be flexible and will be able to work with minimum supervision.

People who are interested in making objects and have a mind that is interested in mechanical concepts are suited to becoming metalworkers.


Metalworking is increasingly specialised. Some workers mainly spend their time welding, while others work with sheet metal.

Making warehouse equipment is another specialisation that requires a knowledge of working with tubular steel.

Though automation has made some fabrication operations more efficient, it has not replaced the need for specialised metalworkers. There are many job opportunities available, with a high demand for metalworkers in the job market.

Will steel be replaced?

Tubular steel is lightweight and strong, which is why it is ideal for the type of equipment Steely Products makes. There are alternative steel materials, but these are used in specialised processes. They are unlikely to replace tubular steel because they are much more expensive and do not add significant benefits to the fabrication of material handling and storage equipment.

Equipment you can rely on

All of Steely Products’ equipment is manufactured in Manchester. Our metalworkers make sure that every item of equipment we dispatch is made using a high level of skill. Warehouse owners and manufacturers in many business sectors rely on our metalworkers to fabricate equipment that is designed well and made to last.

If you would like to see how our equipment is made and meet our metalworkers, arrange to come and see us when COVID-19 restrictions allow.

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