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What is tubular steel used for?

Tubular steel is one of the most commonly used materials, and one with wide-ranging use. It’s our metal of choice here at Steely Products because it resists corrosion, and is lightweight but very strong.

Plastic, composite materials and copper tubes can replace it in some applications, but there are several reasons why tubular steel is best. For a start, plastic is not as strong, so is not suitable for equipment designed for heavy use. Composite materials have some advantages over steel in some instances but are more costly, and the same is true of copper. For a cost-effective, high strength material, tubular steel remains the best material for many applications.

Here are a few of the many uses for tubular steel:


Steel tubing is vital for the healthcare industry. Tubular steel is found in beds, wheelchairs, IV stands and in many surgical tools. High-quality stainless steel is preferred by the medical profession.


Tubular steel can withstand severe conditions, which is why it is used in aircraft landing gear, vehicles and weapons.


Cars, lorries, trains and planes all use tubular steel, mainly in fuel lines and engines. It transports, steam, gas and exhaust smoke effectively. Rally cars are strengthened by tubular steel cages.


Tubular steel is ideal for transporting gases, water and liquid waste. Conveyors and many types of industrial machines use it.

In the home

Many home appliances use tubular steel. Chairs and other furniture made using tubular steel is both decorative and practical. Top class furniture designers often feature it in their high-end chairs.


Steel tubing is used in residential and commercial buildings. Stairways and railings are made from tubular steel, and it is also used in support structures, roofs and ceilings. Architects use tubular steel both for its functional and decorative qualities.

Warehouse equipment

Warehouses equipment is fabricated with tubular steel. Steely Products’ racks, trolleys, tables, garment rails and benches all benefit from the strength and durability of the substance.

At Steely Products, our skilled metalworkers bend, shape and weld tubular steel to form a wide variety of equipment. There is no large production line mass producing equipment; each piece is designed well and individually made to be reliable and durable.

Steel pipes were first made in the 1800s. Since then, other materials have replaced tubular steel in some industrial applications. Plastic warehouse equipment, shelves and trolleys are available; substituting plastic for steel is fine for lightweight domestic use, but there is no good alternative for tubular steel for making warehouse equipment designed for regular holding and transporting of heavy goods.

There have been technological advances in welding and the cutting and bending equipment used to fabricate tubular steel, but the raw material of tubular steel remains very much as it has done for generations; a versatile, lightweight and durable material suitable for a wide variety of uses. Tubular steel is set to be around for the foreseeable future, and Steely Products will continue to make well-designed strong equipment using this versatile material.

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