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What to do when a warehouse runs out of space

Businesses face a challenge when their warehouse runs out of space. Retail companies need extra space when sales increase. Manufacturers that make more items need space to store extra components.

One solution is to move to a larger warehouse, but this is expensive and there is a shortage of quality warehouses. Building a new warehouse or extending the existing one is not practical if there is no land available.

Another solution is to maximise the available space. Often goods are stored on warehouse racks with space between the top of the items and the bottom of the shelf above. A storage racks supplier can provide flexible storage rack systems where shelves can be easily adjusted in height, and new shelves inserted to fill gaps. The storage racks supplier can make custom warehouse storage racks in custom sizes to exactly fill spaces so that there are no wasteful gaps. Warehouse racking can be built to reach the ceiling to maximise vertical space.

Many warehouses are holding obsolete or slow selling items. Very little stock should be held of low season lines. Some items may sell extremely slowly and the cost of storage could exceed their sales revenue. Getting rid of excess stock can free up valuable space.

The level of stock of each item should be in proportion to their demand. It may be tempting to buy large quantities at a discount, but if these goods stay on the shelves for a year this may not be the best use of warehouse space.

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