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What you need from a storage rack manufacturer

There are several things you require from a storage rack manufacturer to make the storage of items organised and efficient.

You need storage racks that can be manufactured and delivered quickly. This means ordering from a British manufacturer who makes storage racks from strong tubular steel that skilled metalworkers swiftly construct. An Asian or Chinese supplier will ship racks by sea, which takes a long time, whereas a British manufacturer can use their own transport or an overnight courier company.

A storage rack manufacturer will be able to supply racks in specific dimensions to fit the storage area. Storage racks should be easily installed and flexible to adapt to changing storage requirements. For maximum efficiency, racks can occupy as much as the vertical height of the storage height as possible.

The best systems to locate items or pallets on storage racks should be used. These can be in the form of software-controlled audio or visual signals that quickly direct pickers to item locations. Many storage rack manufacturers will also supply the picking and packing equipment required, including picking trolleys, packing tables, and box trolleys.

The storage rack manufacturer will specific data on the maximum load that the racks will support. As long as this maximum load is not exceeded, strong steel racks should last many years without needing replacing. Regular checks of the racking are required but under normal use, the racks should pass inspections. If any part of the rack does become damaged, perhaps due to a forklift collision, you need a storage rack manufacturer who can send replacement parts as soon as possible.

Many businesses, especially those processing a large number of online orders each day, use the best British manufacturers that supply the strong storage racks on which they rely.

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