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Where can I find custom warehouse equipment?

There are many warehouse equipment products available. Picking trolleys, packing tables, storage racks and storage rails can be purchased from many sources. Sometimes, a business cannot find equipment that matches the exact specifications it needs for its warehouse operation, so it needs custom warehouse equipment.

Before you find a source of custom warehouse equipment, it helps to have an idea of what you require.

Modifying existing designs

Often, all you need is to modify an existing design. A standard packing table may not be available in a size to fit your packing station, so creating a table to a custom size is the answer. You could have a narrow doorway which makes it difficult for a standard sized platform trolley to fit through, in which case, ordering a narrow trolley is the solution.

Another straightforward way to modify an existing design is to add an extra component. For example, if the packing table comes with a bottom shelf, you can add a third middle shelf.

Designing equipment from scratch

Some warehouses have items that are a nonstandard size or awkwardly shaped. The furniture trade has couches, while window manufacturers need to store and transport large panes of glass and window frames. If you cannot find warehouse equipment to handle your items, you may need equipment designed especially for your warehouse.

An engineer/designer from an equipment manufacturer will come to your workplace to observe your warehouse operations. He or she will then come up with ideas on custom warehouse equipment and discuss ideas with you. Prototype equipment will be fabricated for you to try out before the finished equipment is manufactured.

Sourcing custom equipment

If you buy equipment from a wholesaler or distributor, it is unlikely that you can have your equipment customised. You need to go to a manufacturer who is prepared to modify their designs for you.

A lot of warehouse equipment is manufactured in East Asia. You could ask one of them to customise equipment for you, but there are practical difficulties. You need someone who speaks fluent English so that they can clearly understand what you need, as not all Asian manufacturers have English-speaking staff.

The second problem with using non-British manufacturers is shipping. One reason why East Asian manufacturers can price goods low is shipping costs. Filling a shipping container with goods adds little shipping cost to each item. Sending one or two items of equipment works out much more expensive. Unless you order enough equipment to fill a container, your custom equipment will be very expensive.

The best source of custom warehouse equipment is a company that manufactures everything in the UK. Quality warehouse equipment is made from tubular steel welded together. Skilled metalworkers cut, shape and weld the steel to construct sturdy equipment. It does not take much extra time to modify designs.

For custom designs, you need a manufacturer that has a bespoke design service able to create efficient designs, especially for your business.

If you need custom warehouse equipment, talk to Steely Products today.

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