Why is warehouse ventilation important?

Both the condition of inventory and the health of warehouse workers are affected by ventilation systems. The pandemic highlighted the key role good ventilation has in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As anti-virus measures are eased, good ventilation systems in the warehouse remain important.


Many materials, including paper, dry goods, pharmaceuticals and food, require humidity and temperature levels within a specific range. A quality ventilation system improves storage conditions.

The layout of the shelving and storage racks affects airflow and the positioning of fans. When planning the warehouse layout, the warehouse equipment supplier needs to place shelving and racks so that fans are not obstructed, or alternately, fans need to be relocated.


Air qualify should be monitored to make sure that no carbon monoxide and dangerous particles are present that put the health of workers at risk. Some materials, such as paint, plastics and bulk powders, emit volatile organic compounds. Air filtration systems and face masks can reduce health risks.

The room refresh rate is a measure of how often fresh outdoor air is circulated in the warehouse. This should be between 6 to 30 changes every hour, depending on the warehouse dimensions.

A quality warehouse ventilation system can be costly to run. When considering a new system, choose an energy-efficient one, perhaps powered by electricity generated from solar panels. Consult with an air filtration and ventilation expert and a warehouse equipment manufacturer about how ventilation can improve the air quality to benefit both workers and inventory.

Posted by Katrina
14th February 2022
Retail & Warehousing

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