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Why steel is the best material for warehouse equipment

There are several reasons why steel is the best material to use for warehouse equipment. While there is equipment available that uses plastic and cheaper materials, these do not have the benefits of


What is steel?

Steel is an alloy containing a high percentage of iron blended with other materials, such as chromium, tungsten and manganese. Steel that has a high carbon content is stronger than low carbon steel.

A versatile material, steel has many uses. It is found in vehicles, used in construction and machinery. It is widely used in warehouses for shelving, packing tables, picking trolleys and other equipment.

Tactile strength and durability

The tactile strength of warehouse equipment is the amount of stress it can take when bearing a load. Steel has high tactile strength, so it won’t easily break or fracture. Equipment that breaks can cause costly damage and worker injuries.

Manufacturers of steel equipment specify a maximum load. As long as this load is not exceeded, expect a piece of well-made steel equipment with the strength necessary to last a long time. Steel is also resistant to wear and tear and can last for many years.


Though steel is strong, it has high ductility. This means that it can easily be cut, bent and shaped. Steel that is bent does not fracture and maintains its tactile strength. It can be pressed into various thickness sheets and formed into the tubular steel that we at Steely Products use.


Most warehouses need equipment that is very functional, and warehouse managers often don’t care much about how the equipment looks. However, in a warehouse where customers visit, aesthetic values may be important. At Steely Products, we use powder-coated tubular steel. This is done to protect the steel from chipping and prevent corrosion, but powder coating also adds to the attractiveness of products. While blue is our standard colour, users can specify other colours to fit in with their warehouse colour scheme.

Rust resistant

The steel used by Steely Products is resistant to rust and corrosion. Normally, warehouse equipment is used indoors, but rust resistance means that it can be safely used outdoors.

Steel and wood

Some warehouse equipment, such as tables and trolleys, has metal frames and wood boards. Wood has many of the same qualities as steel – it is cost-effective, easy to cut and shape and is strong. However, it is not as corrosion resistant and is not suitable for outdoor use as it can be harmed by damp. At Steely Products, we create bespoke equipment and can replace wood boards with steel on request.

Steel alternatives

Research has been undertaken on developing non-metallic steel alternatives, and there have been some promising results. However, the steel alternatives are more costly to manufacture, cannot be recycled like steel and are more difficult to use in making equipment. Until there is a viable alternative to steel, this versatile material will continue to be used.

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