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Why Steely Products designs equipment built to last

Steely Products’ design philosophy is to create equipment that works well and is built to last. Expect our equipment to provide many years of heavy use.


Ever since its formation in 1970, Steely Products has been a pioneer in innovating new equipment designs. The 1970s was a time when trolleys were usually made from plastic. We started making trolleys from tubular steel, as steel is lightweight and strong, and a steel trolley will last longer than a plastic one.

Innovation does not mean obsolescence

Today, we continue to innovate, modify and improve our products, but this does not make the earlier versions of our products obsolete. If you own a piece of Steely Products equipment that is 20 years old, it will likely still function and be useful.

Existing equipment can be modified, rather than become obsolete. For example, if you have a packing table from before you used software that monitors operations using tablets or laptops, a stand or bracket can be added to hold IT equipment.

We don’t want our equipment to wear out

A business model some companies have adopted is one where products are designed to wear out within a short period. For example, many office printer owners complain that their printers break down after 18 months of use, and some suspect that the manufacturer puts a hidden clock inside the printer that makes it malfunction after 18 months. This may or may not be true, but many products are certainly not made to last.

At Steely, we don’t want our equipment to let our end users down after a short period of time – we want our equipment to last a long time, even under heavy use. To achieve this, our skilled metalworkers make sure that every weld is strong, and every part of the manufacturing process is subject to strict quality control. We don’t outsource any of our manufacturing processes – we personally make sure that every piece of equipment we make is strong and durable.

We also combine innovation with durability. As a business grows, it will need more equipment, but you don’t have to throw away older equipment if it still works well. New and old equipment can work together. We want our end-users to become repeat customers, but not because their old equipment needs replacing frequently. As their business grows, it will need more equipment, such as an expanding warehouse requiring more storage and material handling equipment, and we want to provide this.

Continual innovation

At Steely, we believe in constantly improving our designs. We specialise in bespoke equipment, creating designs that exactly fit an individual end user’s requirements.

Design is a collaborative process involving many people. Our design engineers welcome ideas from the workers who use our equipment each day, as well as managers and business owners. A new design needs to fulfil our philosophy – it has to work well and be built to last. If it doesn’t fulfil these values, we won’t make it.

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