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Why UK manufacturers rely on practical furniture trolleys

When it comes to furniture trolleys, UK manufacturers need ones that are well designed, practical and will last a long time under heavy use.

Many items of furniture are made in the UK. Leaders include Elite Carpentry Services specialising in bespoke fitted furniture, and Timeless Chesterfields, a producer of classic Chesterfield-style sofas and chairs. Additionally, many of the sofas made for national furniture retail chains like DFS are handmade in Britain.

Whatever type of furniture manufacturers may deal in, they all need furniture trolleys to move newly made item to the storeroom, or for dispatch to stores or customers. They also need ways to store and move the components used in furniture manufacturing.

Some solutions cause more problems than they solve

There are many types of equipment that can be used to move furniture, but not every trolley is practical. For example, a flatbed truck is fine for small items, but is it difficult to move a sofa on a flatbed truck.

Furniture such as lounge chairs, sofas and beds are heavy so need specialised trolleys that move them safely without risking injury to workers.

Shopping channel QVC sells furniture trolleys in the USA for $30. Their system consists of a small plastic jack used to raise the furniture so that four wheels can be attached to the feet of the furniture, thus making it easy for one person to move. This works in the home, but of course, is impractical for furniture manufactures who want equipment to move furniture quickly.

The QVC furniture moving system is an extreme example of an impractical solution for furniture manufactures. There are other furniture trolleys that are not the best way to move furniture. Some furniture moving systems require that first, the furniture is lifted up then a small-wheeled platform is placed underneath it to make the furniture moveable.

There are many furniture trolleys available on Amazon for below £10, but these are for home use and usually made from plastic. They are fine for people moving home, or taking furniture out of a room ready for decorating, but are not suitable for the heavy everyday use by furniture manufacturers.

The best solutions

The ideal furniture trolley solution is to use trolleys that are well designed to move and store these often bulky items. Sofas, dining chairs, bedheads and mattresses need their own specialised furniture trolleys. Trolleys need to be made from tubular steel for strength and lightness, and must safely move furniture with no risk of items falling off.

For small boxed items, flatbed trolley with sides can carry a large number of products.

Many UK furniture manufactures prefer to use UK trolley makers who can create bespoke furniture trolleys designed for individual furniture lines. If trolleys are needed urgently, there are no shipping delays from UK suppliers.

A quality UK furniture trolley manufacturer works closely with the furniture industry to supply practical furniture trolleys that are designed to work well and last for a long time. Speak to Steely Products today to find out how we do all this and more.

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