Why use garment-on-hanger supply systems?

Fashion retailers emerging from the coronavirus lockdown are reexamining their supply chain systems, and a key factor is the way garments are transported from the warehouse to shops. A garment-on-hanger (GOH) supply chain moves clothes from the warehouse to be stored hung on garment rails rather than in boxes.

Roit Kathiala, a fashion supply chain expert says, that the advantages of the GOH systems include:

• Garments on rails in retail stores allow customers to see the clothes more easily
• If garments arrive on hangers, minimum in-store preparation is required and this saves labour costs
• Keeping garments on hangers during transit prevents the clothes from being crushed and creased
• Hung garments can be automatically bagged with a minimum of packaging
• Sensor systems can be added to hangers that monitor the movement of items through the supply chain, perhaps triggering in-store electronic displays.

A GOH system may not be practical for online sales, except for sensitive garments.

Viruses can be active on the hard plastic surface of hangers for up to 72 hours. If the customer does not want the hanger with their purchase, it must be disinfected or disposed of.

Garment rail production has resumed, so fashion retailers should find no shortage of heavy duty garment rails if they want to expand their garment on hanger supply system.

Roit Kathiala, says that it is a challenging time for fashion retailers. Those that come out of it well will be:

“…building their supply chains with a long-term focus despite short-term challenges.”

Posted by Katrina
29th June 2020
Garment Rails

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