Wireless technology makes tubular steel manufacturing safer

Safety systems by Power Fleet are being used by the USA based Nucor Tubular Products (NTP) to make the manufacturing and handling of tubular steel safer.

Tubular steel is used extensively by a warehouse equipment manufacturer for shelving, material handling and storage equipment. There are many safety risks associated with the manufacturing and storing of tubular steel. NTP was concerned about its workers’ safety, and it launched a pilot project in partnership with Power Fleet to reduce workplace accidents.

Power Fleet provides Internet of Things (IoT) wireless technology that secures and manages vehicles, including forklift trucks. NTP installed cameras on forklift trucks to increase safety and visibility. The cameras relay information to a Business Management System, providing data that can be used in risk assessments to improve safety. Crane safety lights were also installed.

According to Freight Waves, the Vice President of NTP, Nathan Fraser, said:

“Power Fleet’s ability to automatically send critical safety and equipment information into our Business Management System will allow us to be more responsive, efficient and ultimately safer as a team.”

The pilot scheme was successful and NTP is now using Power Fleet systems in all its facilities.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that, though workplace accidents have decreased over the last few years , 19% of non-fatal workplace injuries in the 2019/20 period were caused by lifting and carrying. IoT technology can provide real-time, accurate data for more precise risk assessments that will reduce material handling accidents.

Posted by Mark
1st February 2021

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