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Worker safety top priority of warehouse automation

More warehouses are adapting automated systems to improve productivity and efficiency. In a report for CIO.com, the most important consideration when introducing automated systems is worker safety.

There is a constant movement of people and equipment in warehouses, and this causes a high safety risk. Every year, thousands of work-related accidents in warehouses are reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). These include slips and trips, falls from heights, manual handling injuries and people being hit by moving vehicles.

Most warehouses rely on human workers with picking trolleys to locate order items and take them to packing stations. Automation may not replace these workers, but it can plan picking routes and accurately locate items. Overtired workers are more likely to be careless, and this increases the risk of an accident. Warehouse automated systems can remind workers to take regular breaks, and sensors have been developed that can detect when someone is tired and falling asleep. This technology is particularly useful to warn forklift divers if they are sleepy.

Automated systems reduce picking times by analysing orders and advising management to store frequently ordered items nearer packing stations.

Drones are used to accurately count stock levels much quicker than humans. Drones are a potential safety risk, but modern drones have sensors that make sure they avoid collisions with equipment or humans.

A warehouse equipment manufacturer makes equipment that is strong and safe to use. Automation can protect the workers who use this equipment.

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