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World’s most northerly whisky aging warehouse built

Aurora Spirit has constructed the world’s most northerly whisky ageing warehouse, which is located north of the Arctic Circle in Norway.

The warehouse is a wooden building influenced by Viking design, and it has been constructed using local wood. The roof is lined with turf, like traditional Viking buildings, and it has been planted with grasses and flowers that protect the building from the direct rays of the summer sun and insulate the structure in the winter.

Inside the warehouse, there are whisky barrels, as well as rum and Madeira wines. The harsh temperatures range from -17 degrees Celsius in the winter to a high of around 20 degrees in the summer. Aurora Spirit believes that maturing whisky requires cold temperatures and good airflow, both of which the warehouse provides.

After COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, Aurora Spirit plans to welcome visitors to see the maturation casks and enjoy whisky tastings. They will even be able to sample whisky poured directly from the casks.

In Scotland, whisky is also matured in wood casks, usually made from oak. Some Scottish whisky maturation warehouses have thin walls, so the outside temperature varies. Other warehouses have thicker walls, so temperatures are more consistent. There is a debate on how different temperatures affect the taste of whisky – some say it matters, others say it makes no difference.

A UK warehouse equipment supplier provides the trolleys, tables, shelving and other equipment that whisky distillers and other warehouses need. While the need for warehouse equipment north of the Arctic Circle is rare, most manufacturers will ship equipment anywhere in the world.

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