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You can rely on your warehouse equipment manufacturer

If you are planning to open a new warehouse or extending your existing one, you can rely on a warehouse equipment manufacturer to supply all the equipment you need to make the warehouse organised and efficient.

At the planning stage for new warehouse space, consult your warehouse equipment manufacturer. They are an invaluable asset that can talk to you about the equipment you need. Start with the specifications of the shelving or racks. These can either be designed for pallets, or be shelves that store loose items.

Warehouse trolleys are used to pick items. The types of trolleys required depends on the type of goods. Simple flatbed trolleys are suitable for a wide variety of goods. Box trolleys transport heavy boxes, and trolleys with boxes attached are suitable for small items. To reach high items, trolleys with built-in steps are especially useful.

If items need to be dispatched, the warehouse will need a packing station with suitable benches and shelves for holding packing tools and materials.

Most warehouses use software to process orders, as this helps them keep track of what has been picked and dispatched. These can be operated with computer workstations, laptops or tablets, accompanied by stands to support them.

If you are not experienced in planning warehouse layouts, a good equipment manufacturer will assist you in designing the most efficient system for your particular operation. They may suggest modifying warehouse equipment to suit the type of items you store. Bespoke solutions could be making equipment to custom sizes or redesigning equipment to your specifications. For example, tablet holders can be added to trolleys if operators use computer-controlled picking lists, or modified boxes can be attached to box trolleys.

Companies with busy warehouses such as Crew Clothing and Fat Face use reliable warehouse equipment manufacturers to supply all the shelves and manual handling equipment they need.

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