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Your warehouse storage rack supplier helps workers’ safety

There has been a surge in online retailing, with high street retailers such as Crew Clothing and Next finding that more and more of their sales are made over the internet. Online customers expect speedy delivery and this has put pressure on warehouses to pick and pack orders as quickly as possible. In the hurry to process orders, worker safety must not be compromised.

A warehouse storage rack supplier can help health and safety in the workplace. As well as shelving, they can supply bollards and barriers that prevent forklifts and warehouse trolleys hitting racks.

If the rack supplier also fits the racks, they will make sure that every rack is anchored securely to the floor. Every rack they supply will have a load rating, and warehouse operators need to make sure that the maximum load is not exceeded. If the racks hold pallets, they must be loaded squarely.

Storage racks have to be regularly inspected. Any racks that are leaning or sagging will need replacing.

Buy from a warehouse storage rack supplier that only sells quality racks made from tubular steel. Better still, use a supplier who also makes the racks and is willing to let you see them being manufactured so that you can observe their quality control systems.

A warehouse rack supplier will advise you on the best type of rack for your business. They can make racks in custom sizes to fit the available space.

A busy warehouse needs strong and reliable racks. The workers who pick and pack items must be trained in manual handling safety and how to lift items from racks without straining.

A successful e-commerce business is one that dispatches goods the same day they are ordered, and does this without putting any workers at risk from injury.

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